Sunday, July 6, 2014

St Maarten

It was a Monday in February. I was texting with my best friend when she mentioned her mom and some extended family were leaving for St Maarten on Friday and she was thinking of joining them. She asked if I wanted to go to. Haha, yeah right was my response. Then, because I love nothing more than looking at plane tickets, I jumped on the airline website and was shocked to find ticket prices were very reasonable. A lot of texting back and forth and 24 hours later I was leaving on Saturday morning for a long weekend trip to St Maarten! It worked out perfectly because my friend and I were able to meet up in Atlanta and fly in together. And thanks to an ice storm in Atlanta, my return flight on Wednesday was canceled and I was able to stay until Friday with everyone else. Here are some pictures from the trip.
day 1 - covered in SPF 50

day 3 - getting tanner

the view from our condo balcony

the whole group- minus Elizabeth

the water was gorgeous

Princess Juliana Intl Airport is somewhat famous because the runway is right off the beach and arriving flights come in very low. There are beach bars off to the side where you can sit and watch the airplanes land. Once we landed we headed to Sunset bar and grill to watch a few flights land. Here's a video I took.


If you google image the airport code, SXM, you can find some crazy pictures.
This was by far the best last minute trip I have ever been on!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

ice ice charleston

Snow days are overrated. As much as I enjoyed the day off in the middle of the week, trying to get into my car this morning was a challenge! As was catching up on a day and a half of emails at work.

Who needs bread and milk when you have wine and cheese crackers?

when you open a bottle of twist off wine and part of the cap doesn't come off is that a sign?

why did it take me so long to buy these?
my fridge is so sparkly. but smells like hair dye. 
lesser of two evils? 

say hello to my new chair(s)!
so excited about these
one will be my desk chair and the other will go in my guest room
and when I have company over for dinner they will allow me to seat six!
you know you are getting old when dining room seating gets you pumped up

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Dominican Republic

Last October I traveled to the Dominican for my best friend's wedding. She was married in the small town of Monte Cristi and we spent the rest of the week in a resort in Las Terrenas.

 the beach where they were married

 the view from the hotel

 getting ready to get ready

her nephew, the ring bearer

her niece, the flower girl

almost time!

they did it!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

since we last talked

I wish I could say lots had gone on but my life is not that exciting. I have been thoroughly enjoying summertime, although the rain lately could really give it a rest. I recently returned from a trip home to God's country- Lexington, KY for those of you who don't know :) It was so pretty while I was there. Everything was green and it was light outside until just before 930. NINE THIRTY PEOPLE. It doesn't get any better than that. Going home makes my heart smile. 

The picture with the pool was taken at 9:15. Look at the sky. LIGHT at 9:15pm. I have been living on the east coast for too long.

I got to spend lots of time with my favorite sister..

..and throw a bridal shower for my best friend. She is holding the rest of the pictures hostage so this is the only one I have of us to share. I am obsessed with my dress. 50% off at j crew outlet a few days before I flew home. Meant to be!

That is a Vitamix she is opening. Girlfriend got some nice presents. Her mom and I said we will now require frozen beverages anytime we come over.

I also got to meet the beautiful Jill of Bluegrass Belle when I took her BarreAmped class! It was fun (and tough!) and she is such a great teacher. Thanks Jill! 

I made quick day trips to Cincinnati and Louisville to see some old friends and meet some new additions.

I also did some cleaning of drawers and closets and found some fun things..... permit! Ah, to be 16 again...

This gem was taken in Myrtle Beach somewhere on the boardwalk. It was the summer between 7th and 8th grade and I went on vacation with my friend and her family. My only question is why is the reward only $25,000?! Surely we were worth more than that!?

And that's probably enough rambling about my trip. What is everyone doing for the 4th of July? I have to work on Friday, boo, so I will be taking it easy and spending some time by the pool with Katie and SSP. 

On a random note, I just got a Kindle so if you have any book recommendations please send them my way!

Monday, May 13, 2013

gorgeous views, free of charge

I was having a rough day last week and decided to go for a run in the county park down the road from my house. I veered off the trail to the fishing dock and just sat and watched the tide come in for a while. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

recently in the kitchen

There hasn't been a whole lot going on but I have managed to cook and bake a few things

these cookes are SOOOO good. please make them. you will not regret it. unless you eat the whole batch in which case I am not responsible. make sure you have someone to share these with!

ps. I won $75 on Orb!

putting my CSA veggies to good use!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

beauty obsessions

First aid beauty facial radiance pads - I received a sample of these with a Sephora order and after only 7 pads I could tell a difference in my skin. It looked smother, clearer, and brighter and I immediately ordered the full size product. 

Philosophy take a deep breath moisturizer - this was also a sample with my last Sephora order and I fell hard for this one too. I have oily skin and don't always use moisturizer but this has changed my routine. It is light, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave my skin shiny or sticky. I got the full size of this too. 

Perfume. Again, with the samples, Sephora has been hitting it out of the park. Current favorites are Chloe, Miss Dior, and Desire by Dolce and Gabanna. I love to switch up my scents so samples are my favorite! My all time favorites (that you can see in full size in the background) are Allure and Laila.